Team #WTRFRNT is in the Top 15 for Music BC's Canadian Songwriting Challenge!

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WTRFRNT first met in a blind co-write for a Socan Songcamp Monday and instantly clicked. Comprised of rising indie-pop artist Biawanna, producing songwriter INJA (Nathan Chiu), and topline singer/songwriter Sammi Morelli, WTRFNT brings a dynamic and diverse approach to any session or project they collaborate on. "Quarantine BB" was inspired by the loneliness of social distancing through the pandemic this year, and how it makes you long for physical human connection. (Also, the video game "Fallout" & the question - who would you wanna be bunkered down with?) This brings a sexy, fresh and relatively positive/hopeful angle as an answer to the theme #AloneTogether. A few glitchy video calls and a shared google doc later, we had "Quarantine Baby" isolation anthem. We hope you enjoy!



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