Sammi Morelli is an award-winning Canadian singer/songwriter. In 2015, she released the single “Everything You Are” as the first of a new, more soulful sound that featured strong 80’s vibes and a verse from Vancouver’s rising hip-hop star Stevie Ross​. It earned three Niagara Music Award nominations for Best Song, Best Songwriter and won “Best Female Vocalist.” 

It started young, she says. “I was absolutely one of those kids who couldn’t stop singing… everywhere I went, any time of day… I’d just be in my own little world singing away.” Soon after realizing she had a general love of music, she began writing her own melodies because it was “such a natural thing to hear full orchestrations in my head and sing along to those”. 

(Editor’s Note: Maybe nobody ever told her yet that hearing the full musicality of an orchestra in your head is a talent. Then again, maybe it’s witchcraft…) 

GGM: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? 
SAMMI: “I consider myself a bit of a witch… but I only use my powers for good ;)” 

In 2016 and 2017, a series of serendipitous events (along with a few gutsy moves) led Sammi to assemble an all-star team of producers & writers for her highly anticipated forthcoming album, including; multi-platinum, Juno award winning producer Ryan Stewart​ (Carly Rae Jepsen, Hedley, Simple Plan), Grammy-award winner Ian Prince​ (Quincy Jones, Bobby Brown), along with powerhouse singer/songwriter Laurell​ (Tritonal, Boehm, Charlie, Eurovision 2017, Santa Clara) and Billboard Top 100 artist/songwriter Stef Lang​ (DYLN). 

Fresh off a 25-date Cross-Canada tour Spring 2017 — where she wowed audiences from Montreal to Vancouver — she’s unleashed her new single “Everybody Bleeds” which reached nearly 25,000 Pandora spins in it’s first week. Hear it here: 

Sammi joked her answers to our questions were a bit wordy, but we think the context she gave us about “Everybody Bleeds” made the song that much better. “We [Sammi and Ryan] actually wrote “Everybody Bleeds” on Nov 8th, 2016… the day of the last American election. I was a big fat emotional wreck — cause even as a Canadian — I do keep up with what’s going on with the world stage and knew what was at stake. We just couldn’t ignore that chaotic energy that was so palpable that day. So when I got to the studio, Ryan and I naturally started talking about it, the state of the earth, society and particularly about how there’s so much division and fighting with no room to listen or put yourself in the other persons shoes. We’ve seen how much more productive and peaceful we can be when we just learn to listen & have compassion with each other, even if we don’t agree… I hope that in some way, “Everybody Bleeds” highlights the fact that, despite our differences of opinion, beliefs, skin color, nationality, gender identity or sexual preference… we’re all human underneath, and inspires people to be kind to each other.”


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